Sunday, February 22

My poor baby

OK, well she's not actually a baby because she's 3, but she's still my baby. Even more so when she's poorly.

She has the full blown chicken pox, and out of all three of my kids, she has it the worst. She is absolutely covered in spots and blisters. She's not dealing with it very well. Anyone would think she's male LOL

How sad is this little face?

Her spots don't look too bad in this photograph, but she doesn't really have that many on her face. Behind her ears and over her neck is awful. So is her groin and 'bits'. She even has them inside bless her. Her back and belly are pretty much covered too. She keeps saying "I just want my spots to go away". She is not a happy camper at all.

We've dosed her up on Calpol and antihisthamine and the calamine lotion is at the ready. I don't know how I'm going to cope being cooped up with her for 5 days in the house! argh! We both had very little sleep last night. First she was hot, then cold, then thirsty, then itchy and it went on. Hopefully now we have the antihisthamine she might not be so itchy tonight. The woman at the chemist said it's going around like wildfire at the moment. Mark was the third person in the 5 minutes the shop had been open to buy antihisthamine for chicken pox.

Mark called and picked up the Tinkerbell DVD that we never actually got around to getting her for Christmas. She was over the moon. In fact, that was an understatement. So now she is parked up on the sofar surrounded by her favourite teddies, wrapped in a (lightweight) blanket watching Tinkerbell.