Friday, June 26

The joys of a flare-up!

Note the hint of sarcasm in the title? No.. well it was there.

I shouldn't be so surprised really. The onset of a 'fibro-flare' usually follows a stressful time, so why am I so surprised it's hit me. It's been niggling for a few days but last night when I went to bed my body was screaming! It's a viscious circle. I don't sleep well - my body aches - I can't get to sleep - I can't stay asleep - my body aches.. etc etc. The past two nights, I've barely slept and any sleep I have had has been no longer than a 20 minute stretch. My hips and left knee are agony and I have no strong pain killers left. I thought I did but it seems the pain killer monster ate them in the night. Parecetamol just don't do anything. The co-codamol I have space me out too much and with a 3 year old to ferry about to and from Nursery, I just can't take them. I tried to get a Dr's appointment at 10 to 9 this morning, but no, they were all gone, even the ones for this evening. How stupid is that? So I've asked if the receptionist can speak to the Dr and get a prescription written for me to collect for some Ibruprophen. They're much stronger than the over the counter ones, and whilst they don't take the pain away, the dull it to a liveable level, and actually allow me to get some sleep. The receptionist doesn't know if she can get a script written for me because Ibruprophen aren't on my repeat prescription, although it will show on my records that they are given to me on a regular basis. I have to say, I'm not very happy with the Dr's practice. You can never get an appointment when you need one unless you want to see the Indian doctor. I have absolutely no faith in this doctor at all. I've taken Isabelle to see him and he's wrongly diagnosed things. Having been a mother for 24 years you get used to what's wrong with kids... you just know. But he's sent us home with no medication or a mis-diagnosis only for me to have to call a dr out during the night who has then confirmed what I thought she was suffering with. Mark has had two similar experiences with him and refuses point blank to see him. The other two dr's aren't too bad but you can rarely get to see them, and when you do strike lucky and get an appointment, you are in and out so quick it's like a whirlwind. What I do find a bit un-nerving is that the dr I prefer will sit and type while you're telling him what's wrong. I know he has to keep records updated, but it's a bit offputting watching someone typing what you're saying is wrong with you. You get the impression he's not really listening or paying attention to what you're saying. It's strange. I wonder how easy it is to change to another practice.

I'm supposed to be going to photograph Russ tonight. Both of his bands are playing a gig. One headlining and one supporting, with a third band opening for them. Quite surreal really to see him in support and headline role. The other strange thing is that it's his second band that's headlining. Russ joined this band called The Repetitionz as it was a bit more his style of playing, but it was 'just for a doss'. His main band, Yea Boii!! are the ones we all want to do well. They've cut their first EP and it has sold locally and Russ takes this band very seriously, yet it's The Repetitionz that seem to be doing better. He came home from band practice on Wednesday night to say that our local paper is going to do a double page feature on The Repetitionz and they'd been interviewed and photographed at the end of the practice. Yea Boii!! haven't had anything like that yet.

I think that one of the possible reasons is that The Repz are different. Yea Boii!! are good (imo) but are very much like any other young pop/rock band. Whereas The Repz are (according to their self description) Old-School Hip-Hop meets Grunge. They are very loud and very noisy, but I have to say.. I like them. The music on their MySpace doesn't do them justice as it's a live recording and it's just plain bloody noisy! But to hear them live on stage is something else. Of course, it helps to see them LOL.

So I'm supposed to be heading down to the gig tonight to do my motherly duties of taking photographs of the boys in both bands. Hopefully my hips will hold out and I'll be able to go, especially if I get my kick-ass pain killers. It will be nice to be able to use my newly aquired hotshoe flash on my camera as I've not used it in anger yet. Hopefully it will make my gig shots a bit easier to get.

Here are a couple of shots I took of Kizz and Ad from the Battle of the Bands Final the last time the Repz played. Shame about the guitar headstock in the shot of Kizz, but hey ho, such is life on a small stage. I'm aiming to get a face on shot of Ad (in the white cap) because he is such an unusual character and very expressionate, but his personality off stage is a complete contrast to the guy on stage. On stage his is very loud and growly but can go screaming and high pitched (a touch of Axl Rose), yet off stage he is very quite and very well spoken. Surreal