Monday, December 22


Oh dear, wotta palava!

I decided to make a garden angel yesterday. Hmmm. Not much experience of working with large moulds and it showed. This angel is 14 inches long and phew can it hold some plaster! Lesson 1. Make sure you support the mould VERY WELL. I didn't. The weight of the plaster pulled the mould out of shape and so the middle sank squising the angels wing :( It should stand more upright than it acutally is. Because the middle was pulled down, the plaster didn't reach properly into the angels fingers ... grrrrrr. Oh well, next time I need to use a support for this one. I also have a cherub mould (it's soooo cute) and I'm going to have to have a support for that one too.

Now I just have to work out what price to charge for the angel, when I make one that's right that it.

Anyway, here she is. This is just a trial colour scheme, I could do it any colour I suppose. Mark thinks she should have had white wings and a different colour robe. He may be right. If you click on them, you can see them full size.