Monday, December 8

Sods Law!!

Years ago a I read a series of Fantasy books by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman called the Dragonlance Chronicles. There were six books in the series and it followed the same characters through various trials and tribulations of them trying to 'save' their world. They were really good books and I loved them.

Well, in the charity shop abut a week ago I found another Weiss and Hickman Dragonlance book. This book is set 50 years on after the Chaos War, and some of the characters till exist (albeit very old - apart from the elves who don't age at the same speed as humans), or are descendents of the previous characters. I ploughed through this book and finished it on Friday :( So I got on to amazon to order the next book. I managed to get book II and book III. one was 39p and the other was 1p! Shame about extortionate postage costs, but even so, I orderd the next two books.

I said to Mark yesterday, it will be sod's law that book III arrives before book II. Now, I am 'without book' at the moment and it's driving me potty. I hate to be without a book. It means I have to live in the real world rather than a world of fantasty and dragons and elves and Kender and mages. The real world includes my other half watching 'Dave' all evening and I have to bear with repeats of Top Gear. Don't get me wrong, I love Top Gear, but not when I have to watch an episode for the third time! Grrrrr.

So this morning a parcel plopped through my door... lo and behold.. it's BOOK III!!!! I had to put it on the shelf straight away without even reading the back because I don't want to get any hints or clues as to what has happened in book II. I just hope to god book II arrives tomorrow.

I'm also going through a mega music phase again. Not that I can ever get tired of Metallica, Guns n Roses, Chili Peppers etc, I think I'm ready for some new stuff. So I got onto You Tube (after searching for the Elbow track to post here) and wandered around the music section (as I do.. and got lost lol). First off, I came across a track by Santana (fantastic guitarist) and Chad Kroeger (lead singer of Nickelback - who we saw in concert a couple of years ago - fantastic!) I really loved the spanish feel to this track and love the song called Into the Night.

I had to grab the live version to post here as non of the actual video's have the embed link.. but this is just so funky! and it has a bit of eye candy for me in the form of Mr Kroeger - woohoo

Then, after listening to Santana I had to go and find one of my all time favourite songs, Smooth. This is Santana with Rob Thomas. I've never really listened to Rob Thomas so I had a wander around some of his stuff and found this one! I can't stop playing it now! Sends chills up my spine for some reason. It's called, All that I am. Again, no official video for it.

This then set me off on thinking about the songs that move me the most, and my favourite songs of all time.

I'm going to give this some thought and post them later :D