Tuesday, December 8

So proud...

I am so proud of my little fisheeee.

Isabelle started her swimming lessons 9 weeks ago. At that point, she was happy to get into the water and splash about a bit, but loathed water on her face. She was terrified of taking her feet off the bottom. I'm sure she thought she would sink and drown.

The following week, armed with goggles, she got into the water for her second lesson. This made life so much easier for her and she braved putting her face in the water.

The weeks have gone by and she has got better and better, swimming on her back across the pool with a float on her tummy all by herself, but last night was the best night so far.

She floated like a star on both her back and tummy without a float for 5 seconds each side, and then she swam a width across the water by herself, no float or anything. She looked like a frog in a blender LOL, no points for style and grace, but she only put her feet down twice to take a breath, but she DID IT!! I am so proud of her. I sat like an idiot having a mummy moment with a lump in my throat, but it was wonderful to see her have the courage to set off by herself and swim (in the loosest form of the word) across the pool. She's gone from being afraid of the water, to almost swimming in 9 weeks. I'm so proud of my little 4 year old.

Of all three kids, she is the one that HAD to be taught to swim.. she is going to be the one that falls in any kind of water - a mother just knows these things LOL.