Monday, June 14

Regressed to the 80's?

I am a little bit worried about myself. I seem to have regressed back into the mid 80's, and back to a bit of a teen crush that I had during the 80's. It's a little bit embarassing to confess to, but I have to get it out of my system.

The 80's were the time of the new romantics... and I loved Duran Duran. I only got to see them play live about 5 years ago, but I loved it so much (my hubby said he didn't, but he sang every word to every song LOL). 

My other love of the 80's were the big hair bands. Bon Jovi could be heard seeping out of my bedroom for hours on end. The band that wasn't so cool to confess listening to for even more hours on end were Poison. So they were my secret passion. Songs like Your Momma Don't Dance, Talk Dirty to Me and the one everyone remembers, Every Rose Has It's Thorn. I loved the quirkyness of the band. My Dad was horrified when he saw posters on my wall, and asked who are these heavily made up girls, boys, not quite sure what they are?

Admittedly, now, they do look like a bunch of freaks LOL, but that's what Poison were about. And they weren't as bad as Motely Crue! But I was in love with the one on the end in the black hat, Bret Michaels. It did feel a bit wierd as he does look like a butch but very pretty woman, but I loved his voice. His speaking voice is deep and quite gruff.. I just loved him.
But the big hair bands died down and new music moved in and I stuck to my heavier rock music, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc.. and sort of forgot about Poision until I got an MP3 player and stuck a load of mixed music on it.  I was playing my MP3 player in the car and on came Poision and you know that feeling you get..?  that blast from the past memory that makes you sigh...? It was Poison's Your Momma Don't Dance.  My mind wandered back to my teens. Isabelle asked what the song was as she was dancing around in her car seat. She loved the song and asked for it to be put back on again. It's now one of her favourite songs LOL.. bless her love of Rock Music!

So it set me wondering what Poision were up to these days, so I did google search.. as you do... It turns out that Bret Michaels was trying to revive his career in the States and was currently on American Apprentice (which he ended up winning). But a couple of days later he was in the headlines. He'd had, out of nowhere, a brain hemorrhage and only had a 30% chance of survival. He is a type 1 diabetic since childhood which made treatment for his hemorrhage difficult. 10 days later, he was out of hospital having survived, only to go back into hospital a few weeks later having had what was thought to be a minor stroke, but turned out to be a hole in his heart, which can be repaired, thankfully. And now he's back out there peforming, has been on countless TV shows including Oprah and bizarrely, his bad health has leapfrogged him back into the limelite and he's now performing sell out shows again on stage. 

And he still looks good for a 47 year old who's rocked hard and fast all his life 

and I'm still swooning after him like I did in my teens. how sad is that? I feel like a stalker, I 'like' him on facebook and get regular updates of what he's up to... and I really do feel like a saddo LOL. I've watched recent interviews with him on the internet and his voice still sounds lovely... ahhhhh.. I need to go and lay down in a dark room to get a grip on reality LOL

My pennance for my confession? Play Poision songs repeatedly for the rest of the day. Haha!