Friday, February 12

That's my boy...

It's funny really (well to me anyway) that my son is now 19, almost 20, yet I still have 'mummy moment's over him. He's always been the type of kid you had to shove forward really encourage to get him involved in anything. He was afraid of people and new places, and situations he'd never been in before. He was a very timid mummy's boy, even in his teens although he didn't let on to his mates.
He has grown into a strapping young man and his lack of self confidence has now all but gone. I put this down (largely) to my (now hubby) teaching my son guitar at the age of 9. He gave him a few chords and said go and practice. My son wanted to 'play a song' so my hubby taught him to play Smoke on the water and he played it over and over until my ears bled. But my son has moved on from that and is now an excellent guitar player and is in a band. 

He had a gig last night and asked me to go along (as usual) to take some photographs. Now I realise he uses this as a veil for actually getting me to the gig as he knows I love photography, but he loves me to go and see the band play live. His confidence on stage is amazing. To see this once timid little mouse stand up on stage and strutt his stuff doing what he loves gives me a huge mummy moment, even though I've seen him perform dozens of time, I still get the 'that's my boy' feeling when I see him up there.

I'm going to link to their MySpace page but please be warned. They have several of their tracks on there if you fancy a listen. They are noisy and loud! and they do use the F word quite a bit, so if you've got kids around you, beware that they swear. 

Anyway Tha Repetitionz on MySpace if you want to make your ears bleed LOL my son plays lead guitar (listen out of the guitar solo's) and I think the lead singer (not the rapper) has an amazing voice, particularly when he gets going. Try Tequilla Mockingbird (my fave). or Cheyne Stoking (I love the bit at the end of this song if you get that far, and they all do an irish jig on stage to it lol). If you do go listen, I'd love to know what you think... although I think their music is an aquired taste. But I like dirty rock music, so I like their stuff :) The track called Christmas Cover Version is The Repetitionz version of Rage Against The Machines Christmas Number 1, Killing in the name of. It does have the F word in it a lot, but if you can bear it, my son's solo towards the end is pretty cool. (can you tell I'm a proud mummy? lol) It is recorded live so it's not very polished, but you get the idea LOL

The photo of them on the bridge on their MySpace page is one of mine (grin) and so are these.

So I'm busy editing photographs taken at the gig last night, 6 done, 99 to go.. I might be busy for a while.


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Those are great photos, they look like a very typical boy band, all set for the charts. Your son will feel so proud when his mum is watching him do something he obviously feels happy doing.

    CJ xx

  2. Listening to the lads on MySpace while I read your post - great work!! I can't imagine how cool it must be for you to have been at his gig. My dad taught me Smoke on the Water too, I still play it from time to time. It was just yesterday that I said to my good woman "We should get an electric guitar so Sebastian can learn" (I have two basses and two acoustics) Seb is only three months old ;-) ...Great that you've done some photos for them, really cool!


  3. CJ - yes, he's very happy up there on stage. he does enjoy me being there but won't admit to it LOL.

    Sime, thanks for listening to the noisy rabble LOL. yes it is really cool going to his gigs and the lads are more than happy for me to be there, despite being the 'old fogey' haha. Definately teach your son, although at three months he might struggle to get the chord shapes right LOL. Our house is full of guitars, one bass, 4 accoustic and at least 6 electric between my hubby and son, add to that amps, guitar pedals etc. It's no wonder our electric bill is so high LOL.