Friday, January 1

2009 Photographically

I'm no good at looking back over a previous year. My memory is shocking. I think that's one thing that my photography helps, it reminds me of places we've been and things I've seen.

No resolutions this year. I only let myself down and then beat myself up over it for the longest time afterwards. All I can really say about 2009, is that it wasn't a bad year for us, despite Mark having to take a huge pay cut or lose his job and then not know if he had a job at the end of that month, but he's still working, thankfully. We've had ups and downs but no major crisis and we're all still smiling, even if it is through gritted teeth sometimes.

So I thought rather than blether on, I'd post some photographs that I've taken during 2009 that remind me of times I enjoyed.

Happy New Year to anyone who reads my blog, and don't forget to keep popping back during 2010 :D

One of my favourite shots from last year. I bought some railway figure workers and basically just played. I did several sets, but I think this one turned out the best. 'Fixing the any key'

A zoo trip fairly early in the year gave me shots of loving giraffe and the baby elephants having a bath.

February meant a long long long awaited UK gig for Metallica. Awesome! I can't claim credit for the first photograph, my other half took it as I was way too short to get a shot like this, but look how close we were!!. The second shot is mine though, Dave McLaine from the support band Machine Head.

At the beginning of the race season, the British Superbikes came to Oulton Park. I couldn't have been any more in my element!! Young, muscular men in leather throwing very fast motorbikes around a track - and me taking photographs trackside. I went back for the second round in October.. more fast bikes... ahhhhh bliss.

Whilst we're at it, I might as well add the shots of James Toseland (MotoGP rider for us Brits) at Northwich Thundersprint as he very carefully picked me out of the crowd and stopped right in front of me and did donuts in the middle of the road. Ok, so maybe he didn't pick me out, but hey.. he did donuts in front of me ;)

Then summer arrived and the bugs came out to play. For the first time, I managed to photograph damselflies and a dragonfly aswell as getting in the face of a bee.


In July my little angel turned 4, left nursery and then in September she started school, which she absolutely adores. She is now reading and writing and I'm proud to say she's top of the class. I love this photo of her. It's not what I was aiming for, but this photograph sums her up. The second shot is one I took of her in a local park, she was swirling around in the sunshine in her 'pretty dress' as she calls it.

We spent a scorching hot afternoon at Tatton Park for the American Stars and Stripes Show, which gave me one of my favourite car shots to date.

Towards the end of the summer I went back to Oulton Park, this time for the Vintage Car rally.

I was given a beautiful bunch of flowers for my birthday by a friend. One of the roses was beautiful, so I photographed it in full bloom and again as it had died.

Back again to motorsports, and a day at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us with a variety of motorsports, including dancing diggers (yes.. really) and an upside down jetski.

And finally one of my favourite shots to date. An industrial sunset. The colours are just as they were in the sky. I've not altered them at all. Nature versus Manmade.

I think photographically this year, I've realised that in all honesty, I'm a motorsport photographer. I can do it, I love doing it, I don't struggle to see the shots, they're there right in front of my nose and I get such a feeling of calm yet excitement when I'm photographing fast cars and motorbikes. I do enjoy other genre of photography, but motorsports is the one I keep coming back to time and time again.

I have had several of my photographs published in newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately I've not been paid for them as they were for competitions or in the readers gallery section, and I've also sold a few photographs, but there's no way I will be able to live off sales LOL. I'm also enjoying my camera club (geeks united as my other half calls it). and I'm also currently enjoying winning the competitions there - ok so I'm in the beginners section, but that's where they put me. I'll take glory where I can find it LOL

So onwards to 2010. Bring on the racing season once more!!