Wednesday, February 10

Back to school....

When I saw the lovely Lollipop Heart flowers that TheMadHouse posted, I thought it was a lovely idea.

So I printed it off and took it to school to show to Isabelle's teacher. She also thought it was a lovely idea, in fact she thought it was an even better idea that I went in to help the children make them. erm... oh.. er... ok, yes.. er... why not. And so I was roped in.

While my eldest two kids were young (I'm talking 20 (cough) years ago now) I used to work as a playgroup supervisor. I basically ran the playgroup. In those days (sounding VERY old) there were no such things as nursery schools for kids under 5, so they all went to playgroup until they were old enough for school at 5 years old. I loved my job. I was allowed to get all these kids messy when making things as long as they washed somewhere near clean afterwards. I then went on to run a creche for about 20 kids from tiny babies to 5 years old. And once my kids got to school age, I ended up working in the schools. But as the kids grew I decided to go on a course at college which then qualified me as a PA/Office Manager, which is what I went on to do. And over the years, memories of kids walking up a line of wallpaper with paint on their feet was shelved to the back of my mind.

Then along came Isabelle nearly 5 years ago and I became a SAHM because none of my family live near enough to childmind. I've adapted quite nicely thank you very much, to being home with my baby/toddler/little girl. 

And so I was asked to help in her class to make these valentines flowers. I spent all day yesterday and up till lunch time today with these kids all aged 4 and 5, talking about symmetry and symmetrical (bloody big word for kids this age, let alone expect them to understand the concept of it.. although some did) and they made symmetrical patterns on the petals before threading them onto a lollipop - which the kids got so excited about bless them LOL.

I have absolutely LOVED being back in amongst this age range. In general they are such receptive little sponges, they take everything in that you tell them, and give it right back to you. It's made me realise that this is what I'm meant to do. I was good at my PA/Office role, or so I was told, but you just don't get the same enthusiasm from a bunch of male engineers that you do from 4 and 5 year olds. 

It's so pleasing to be able to make a child laugh with a silly comment, or to get such a positive response when you ask them if they can do something, and if they can't do it, when you've helped them they can then do it for themselves. They are so proud of what they've achieved and you give them the praise and a big smile, and there's such a feelgood factor about it all. You never know what each child is going home to and what their homelife is like, but to see them joining in and so happy at that moment in time gives me a really good feeling.

One thing that surprised me is the reception I got from these kids when I went back in this morning. They've accepted me straight away as if I've always been there. Lots of 'good morning's' were said to me and some were really pleased I was back there today. 

(woah.. talk about a gushing moment there LOL)

So I am now volunteered to go into school each Wednesday to help out. I'm sure it won't be long before I'm there for more than just a Wednesday. LOL. I've got my forms to fill in and send off for my CRB (police clearance) which is not a problem, I've had so many over the years and I'm completely clean.. honest. And there was mention about NVQ's etc and that the school do actually put people through NVQ courses as all my previous child care qualifications are no longer valid because I did them so long ago and the system has completely changed since I did them. But I'd be happy to do the qualifications needed, especially if the school are going to pay LOL. I could very happily go back into this wonderful world of innocence and creativity.


  1. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time. I am so glad that everyone enjoyed it.

    I adore crafting with the children, it gives us something to chat about and you are right they are filled with so much creativity and imagination.

  2. Sounds like you have found your vocation! I admire you! I like kids a lot but I am too controlling when it comes to doing crafts - I have to constantly fight the urge to do it for them. I quite liked cooking with the kids though :)