Wednesday, March 11

A little brag?

Am I allowed to have a little brag? Yeah, it's my blog, so why not LOL

A while ago someone from the BBC web team contacted me and asked if they could use two of my windmill shots that they'd seen on flickr. They were going to be doing a feature on windmills in Nottinghamshire.

Now, I was born and raised in Nottinghamshire until I moved at 21 yrs old. A Notts gal through and through. North Leverton Windmill is a very familiar local sight that I grew up with. Last summer whilst we were visiting my Mum, I took a drive out, just me and my camera, around the local countryside. I'd never had chance to photograph the windmill before, so that was my destination. The sky was very 'brooding' that day and I came away with what I thought, were pretty ok photographs!

So I received an email last week from the web editor of the BBC site saying that my photographs were now on the BBC Nottingham website.

I showed Mark and although he was pleased for me (sort of) he couldn't get past the fact that I'd let the BBC use these photographs for nothing. No charge, no fee... nadda! I wasn't bothered. They're tiny little pictures, they have my name underneath them and I really honestly didn't even think about asking for money for them to be used on the website. I'm more than happy to have my full name under the photographs. If anyone is interested in them, they can google my name and get to my personal photography site. So that sort of took the wind out of my sails a bit. Why is it that every time I feel I achieve something, the rug is pulled from under me. I was so happy that they were on the BBC site and will stay there, yet all some people think about it how much do I get for it? I suppose on one hand it's flattery really, in that Mark thinks my photography is worth money, but like I said, they're tiny little photographs, and if they didn't use mine, they'd have used someone elses for free... I wanted my name on that webpage LOL.

Anyway, here are a couple of screenshots of my photographs illustrating the feature about the windmill (which btw, is run and funded by local volunteers, who are struggling to find the cash to maintain and repair the windmill).