Tuesday, June 17

At last the Dr's!

Well after three weeks of trying to get to see the Dr, he finally had a free appointment. The receptionist said can you get here in 20 minutes? Absobloodylutely I can! (even if it kills me I thought LOL)

He's always so busy in the morning surgery and it's a bit of a rush to get everything in in the appointment time, but I think we did good today. Not only that, I remembered nearly everything I needed to tell him.

He examined and manipulated my shoulder. It's giving me so many problems. I can't put it into certain positions. It locks up in the night and I can't really use my right arm very well for lifting anything, including the kettle! He's going to give me a steroid shot into the shoulder on Friday at 5pm so that I have the weekend to get over it and Mark will be around to help out over the weekend (in theory! He's not very good with helping out around the house)

He's also given me some Amitriptyline. This is supposed to regulate sleep and enable you to get into the stage 4 resorative sleep that FMS sufferers don't get. Hopefully, this will releve the hour and a half morning stiffness and pains and the couple of hours the same in the evening. Even if it lessens it a bit, it's better than I'm dealing with now.

So, more meds... lets see how we go!