Sunday, September 27

Out the mouths of babes...

My sweet little 4 year old monster can be a little angel sometimes without even knowing it.

Yesterday she had both Mark and I laughing without even knowing she'd done it.

She's getting very interested in the world at the moment. The bigger picture of life. We were discussing hot and cold countries. She told us that Africa was a hot country and so was Australia. We asked her if she knew any cold countries. She thought for a minute and replied, no, I don't think I know any. Mark said, well.. Iceland is a cold country, to which Isabelle replied, Oh don't be silly Daddy, Iceland is a shop! We tried not to laugh because a) she said it in all seriousness, and b) she was right LOL.

Later in the afternoon, we'd been out and I needed to call at our local shop on the way home. Isabelle asked if she could go on the playpark right next to the shop. She was wearing a yellow sundress, white leggins and her favourite silver sandals that her Nanny had bought her (the mind boggles at the thought eh?) so when she asked if she could go on the play park, I said to Mark, I don't think she's suitably attired, to which a little voice came from the back of the car, Mummy, I'm not tired at all, I feel fine. Once more we had to restrain our chuckles at her.

Then last night before she went to bed, she spent ages writing on some little heart shaped post it notes. She placed them all on the floor and said, some have mum written on them and some have dad written on them. When I go to bed you can pick them all up and then here's two hearts so you can both write one to me.

She went to bed and I picked up the little hearts. Each one did indeed say Mum or Dad (she'd spelt them all correct) and on the back of each one was a little picture of a girl, a butterfly, a flower or something similar. It was so lovely it made me want to have a mummy cry. Silly really, but it was just so sweet. So Mark and I both wrote her a special little message and a picture on the two spare hearts. It was the first thing she looked for when she got up this morning.

Awwwwwww. It makes being a parent all worth while.

She can be such a sweetie sometimes without even knowing it.