Monday, January 4

and on we go...

So we're into the new year, the year of 2010. There seems to be a lot of questions about how to address 2010.  TwentyTen, Ten past eight? Is this decade to be called The teenies? The noughties never sounded right for the past decade, and teenies or teenties doesn't sound right either.

Anyway.. Hubby and son have gone back to work today after having the entire Christmas and New Year period off work. I always dread Mark having time off work. He's like a caged tiger and paces around looking for things to do until he settles into the 'we don't have to do everything at 100 miles per hour' mode and then he ends up at the opposite end of the spectrum barely moving. I can't believe how much this man can sleep. I managed to get one lay in (ie, past 7am) during the entire festive period and even then I had to haggle for it. Yet somehow it seems fine that he can lay in every morning until 9.30, 10.30 or even (as it was one morning) mid-day. I would have sent Isabelle up to bounce on him had I been home, but I was actually at the Drs with Isabelle and her ear infection.

[OMG! Isabelle just stood by me whilst I was typing and asked why I had put her name. She then read the last sentence and the only words she didn't know were actually and infection. Seems my 4 year old can read better than I thought.. note to self, be careful what I leave lying around / open on the computer screen]

I am really looking forward to my peace and quiet tomorrow morning. Isabelle is home today as it's a teacher training day and so doesn't go back to school until tomorrow. Now I love this child to bits, but my god she can talk incessantly about anything and everything. Her imaginary friend has been a godsend to me the past few days but I can still hear that constant yap yap yap. You've seen the painting 'scream'? Well that's me. It doesn't help because I am so full of cold (yes again!) my ears are blocked as are every other oriface in my head. I want to crawl into bed and lay dying quietly to myself, but of course, Isabelle is yapping to her imaginary friend whilst roller skating around the living room (wooden floors) and her skates are set to setting 2 which only allows them to roll forwards but has one helluva ratchet sound to go with it.

Bring on tomorrow please.. the quicker the better.