Saturday, April 4

Flippin' Sinuses

For as long as I can remember, I've had problems with my sinuses. I used to get a lot of Sinusitis as a teenager and it was always painful. I've had a cold now for 12 days but I started to get agonising pain around my eye socket and in my ear. I won't describe what I blew out of my nose. Lets just say, I knew it was a sinus infection. I couldn't get an appointment with the Dr! typical! But the receptionist got him to phone me, bless her. I described my symptoms, told him I'd had a cold, been taking Sinutab but it still wasn't moving and he said he'd write a prescription for some penicillin for me to collect! Wow! A self diagnosis and a prescription over the phone. Fantastic! He knows that I do suffer with it from time to time, so he knows that I know what a sinus infection feels like. I'm on day three of the penicillin and it's still painful. It's just not shifting very easily. It's so annoying and frustrating!

On another note, Mark and Isabelle have been planting seeds today. It's lovely seeing them doing something like that together. She adores her dad, a proper daddy's girl. She's taken to climbing up onto his motorbike and finding out (with Mark's help of course) which button does what. The thing is, she remembers. She thought she was so cool switching the lights and indicators on and off LOL. She can reach the footrests now too so she thinks she's big enough to ride it LOL.

I treated myself to some beautiful orange tulips yesterday. I've not seen any like this before, so of course, I had to photograph them. They're really pretty. As always, click on the picture to see it full size. It's worth it :D