Wednesday, June 23

The Gallery - Creatures

The subject for this week's Gallery is Creatures. Oh no! Which photograph to post? I have so many creatures crawling, swimming, sitting etc around my computer in my photograph files. So I'm going to post a few of my favourites. If anyone wants to buy any of these photographs I'm more than happy to sell them to you. Just email me :) They're not expensive

So I'm going to start with my favourite creature and the one that has won me 2nd place in an international photography magazine competition, and has won me a couple of medals for our photography club including Digital Image of the Year. My beloved bald eagle shot. (I know a lot of you have seen it before - sorry.)

And then there's a rather gruesome looking fly

Everyone's favourite (apart from the bloody annoying one on the telly!) a meerkat

A very loving pair of Giraffe

And one of my favourite favourites, this chimp taking a nap.

I could put 100 photographs of creatures in here and still have more. I love photographing creatures. Unfortunately, most of these creatures were cages at Chester Zoo not running around free, but if it weren't for zoo's we wouldn't have half the creatures in the world, they'd be extinct.