Tuesday, March 9

Can I have a little gloat?

I think I'm allowed to have a little gloat.

For anyone who's been reading my blog for a while, will know that I have a major passion for photography.

Normally on a Monday night I go to our local camera club. (Geek club as my other half calls it). I've only been going since September, but I do enjoy getting together with other geeks photography enthusiasts and we have a monthly competition. Well, last night was an interclub battle. This is where 7 camera clubs all congregate together (our club hosted the event) and have a battle of the photographs. Unfortunately I couldn't get to club last night, so I missed the event. Apparently, our club were just pipped at the post and we came 2nd.

But... I have just received an email about last night which contained a big surprise for me. One of my favourite photographs that I've taken was awarded The Winning Image Medal. This was for the best photograph from all the photographs shown during the evening. I've won a medal!! waaahhhoooooooo. Talk about shocked and very surprised. I'm flabbergasted. and of course, I wasn't there to find out in person.. arghhhh. But I will be able to collect my medal next week, which will have my name engraved on it too... omg!! shocked, speechless and totally excited about it all.

Anyway, here's the shot that got The Winning Image Medal (have I mentioned it before? LOL)