Friday, August 21

R.I.P. Canon 20D!!

My camera is dead.. it is deceased.. it is no more.. I am... cameraless :( I'm no longer a photographer!!

We've spent the last 5 days on the east coast at a camp site between Whitby and Scarborough. We were really lucky with the weather too. We only had 10 minutes rain in the whole 5 days, and we got soaked during that 10 minutes while we were at Goathland where they film the TV series Heartbeat. I've never watched it LOL, but as we were so close, we had to go and visit the place. It was a lovely little village but it's obviously turned into a bit of a tourist place for Heartbeat fans. Shame really as it's quite a quaint place.

It was awful for me spending all this time in such lovely surroundings with no camera. Whitby is beautiful and it felt like someone had chopped my arms off or poked my eyes out. I hadn't realised just how much a part of me my camera has become.

We pitched the tent as we arrived and got everything straight and had coffee and decided to go to Scarborough for something to eat. I propped my camera bag up against the front of the car so I didn't forget it and walked down the campsite to the loo. When I got almost back to our car, Isabelle had spotted some horses in the field behind us. She loves horses so we stood and checked them out for a while. Then I strapped her into the car, got into my seat and Mark got into the drivers seat. We drove off and heard a crunch. Mark got out to find my camera bag wrapped around the rear wheel of the car. It was obvious that it had already been under the front wheel. My camera no longer worked. I was mortified and just burst into tears. I can't even tell you how upset I was. It really put a dampener on the first night, but I had to try and deal with it and not let it spoil the rest of the holiday.. it's only a camera afterall.. except it's not. it's become my life. Mark, always the optimist said, well at least it will give you an excuse to upgrade now. Except I don't have enough money to buy another camera let alone upgrade.

We enjoyed the rest of the holiday, Isabelle loved the sea and we had real problems getting her out of it to get off the beach when the tide was in. There was about a foot of sand left and that was all.

I'll write more about the holiday later, and post some of the snaps we took with Mark's point and shoot.. except I'd got the photographic hump all week and refused to use the P&S unless it was for snaps of Isabelle. Stupid really, but hey, that's me.

So now I need to work out a way to get a new DSLR. :( I'm still mortified!! It may be a long time before I get one!!