Monday, September 15


Yet another busy day! Why are there never enough hours in a day?

Got Isabelle off to Nursery this morning. She's doing great and when she came out she announced 'I love my new school'. Thank god for that. I used to have awful problems getting her to playgroup sometimes, including full screaming and kicking sessions. But she seems fine here and has made a friend that she sits with all the time called Kira. I'm even managing to get her to eat breakfast before she goes to school. She obviously takes after me and will eat breakfast when she feels like it.

After I picked her up we had to go and get some food shopping and then on to Matalan. I haven't been able to find grey pinafore dresses to fit her for school anywhere. So I thought we'd try Matalan.

When we go anywhere in the car, Isabelle is very observant and talks about everything out of the window the whole car journey. Of course, I'm trying to drive and listen to her yapping and answer her questions. Her recent obsession has been road signs. She constantly asks 'What does that sign mean?' So today she asked, what does that arrow pointing up mean? I gave the simple answer of 'It means you have to go that way'. She replied 'but that's no good we're going to Matalan, if we do what the arrow says we'll drive into space!' I had a good giggle to myself while I explained it actually meant go straight on, not straight up. Out of the mouths of babes.

While she was in Nursery I managed to get 5 minutes at the computer to check out my shots of the moon that I took on Saturday night. That's how busy we've been, I've not had chance to look at them yet. Well anyway, I took some shots of the moon with my new biiiiiiiiiiiiiig lens. I was chuffed to bits with how they came out. It really made me smile :)

Now it's time to grab something to eat before getting Isabelle ready for her gymnastics session at 4 o'clock. An hour to kill then back home for the dinnertime / bedtime scramble. I feel worn out already just thinking about it.