Monday, September 29

Come and Gone

Well that's another weekend come and gone. How come they arrive so quickly and then vanish just as quick? The year is flying by! It's October next week. Then starts the Christmas countdown. I have no idea how we're going to afford it this year :(

We did nothing special this weekend due to lack of cash. It's payday tomorrow.. thank god!

Isabelle went to school no problem today. I've been having a bit of a problem getting her there. She was refusing point blank to go. I practically had to drag her kicking and screaming. Thankfully, that seems to be over now she realises she has no choice to stay home, and that she has to go to school. I explained to her that I went to school and daddy did, and Russ and Eve and... well everyone. She is great at understanding things, and I know she was thinking about it. So hopefully, that's that problem solved.

Today is a long day for her. Aswell as school this morning, she has gymnastics at 4pm. She ADORES her gymnastic sessions, but she comes out very hot and tired, bless her. I give her a banana, get her home, showered and ready for bed, give her some dinner and then she crashes out, sometimes as early as 6pm but never later than 7.

Good news on the ebay front. I've sold all 6 bad fairy wigs I had listed. I'm going to get some more stock tomorrow because I'm sure I'll sell more on the run up to halloween. If not, they may still sell towards Christmas for office parties or nights out etc. I did chuckle to myself as I had one long crimped with with red streaks in it. A man bought it! LOL. Well, it may be his partner that bought it but it was a man's account and name and address teehee.