Tuesday, July 14

The camera god giveth....

and then he says... 'but we don't want to give you that!'

Yesterday a package arrived. Not unusual at all in our house when you have a husband addicted to ebay. But this one was for me. I wasn't expecting a delivery of any sort (well not that size at least) and the label said it was electrical goods. What on earth was it? It's my birthday on Friday, so had someone sent me an early present?

So with anticipation, I opened the package. and inside? The invoice was from Nikon. Amount to pay... £0

And inside the box in a box, was a nice and sleek, shiny, brand new 10 megapixel Nikon Coolpix S560 camera. eh? What's this doing here? My excitement quickly vanished when I realised it wasn't actually meant for me. So where had it come from? There were no messages inside giving any relation as to where it had come from apart from Nikon. So I started to wrack my brains.

Eventually I came up with Amateur Photographer Magazine. As previously mentioned, I came third in the AP Mag competition. On checking the AP website the first place prize was, lo and behold, a Nikon Coolpix S560 camera. My third place prize of an AP Mug arrived safely on Thursday, so why had I got this camera? The only conclusion I could come to is that there's been a mix up somewhere and my name and address was sent through to Nikon by mistake. I've written to the woman on AP Mag forum who requested my address for the mug and told her that the camera has arrived here, named and addressed to me. What happens next? I dunno, I'm still waiting for a reply. In the mean time, I have a brand new compact camera sitting on my desk beside me shouting 'use me, use me', but I can't. What a tease! As much as I would have loved to keep it and use it, I signed for it and so it would be easy to trace back when the poor guy who came first reported that it hadn't arrived. My conscience wouldn't allow me to keep it and lie, but oh how I'd love to have this little nifty camera to take out with me as a 'just in case' camera rather than lugging my full kit around with me.

oh well... the camera gods can't like me very much - they're having a good old laugh about this, I bet.

c'est la vie!