Friday, June 18

Father's Day - It's not fair

Sometimes I wish I was a man ... well, quite a lot of the time really. Not because I'm butch or masculine, but because of the life they get to lead, the credit they get for being a man and father. Not that I wish to take anything away from my hubby.. he deserves his Father's Day. Despite all my grumbling about him, he is a really good Daddy and Step Dad for that matter. 

When we got together, my son was a very tormented, timid, un-confident, agressive and angry 9 year old. Once hubby (then to-be-hubby) moved in, he took on a father parenting role with my son. It caused some arguments at the time because I didn't agree with some of his parenting methods and he didn't agree with some of mine, but we worked them out during that first year together and my son has turned into a wonderful, very caring and well rounded, confident young man. Hubby taught my son to play guitar then told him to go and practice. Because of that, my son gained a creative outlet. He's not a reader, he's not a maker of things, but by god he can play guitar! This is the biggest thing my hubby has given my son, along with his love.

And then there is the apple of hubby's eye, our 4 year old drama queen. He can be very blinkered with her and her behaviour and 4 year old tantrums when she can't get her own way, but he's not so soft with her that she has it all how she wants it. To see them together melts my heart. He is with her, the way I was with my Dad and there is nothing I could (or would want) to do to step in on their special relationship. She can be a pain in the you know where for me and last night was rolling around on the floor wailing about something she wanted but couldn't have when she heard hubby's motorbike coming up the road. The little git darling jumped up from the floor, said.. oh no, don't let my daddy see me, are my eyes red? WHAT? OMG!!! she beamed a huge smile, went to the door and shouted, Daddy, Daddy, I love you and I've missed you sooooo much. My eye rolling and frazzled look was met with a questioning 'why do you look like that' look. If only he knew the half of it.

But the other reason I sometimes wish I were a man, is when I see the fathers day gifts advertised on the telly.

When it's mother's day, we get all the perfume, skin care and sloppy ballad music CD adverts. None of these are me.

I love my rock music and one of the best things I've ever done was go and see Metallica live. My living room has wizards and dragon ornaments in it. I love fantasy novels, not the horror ones, but whisk me off with baddies and goodies in a land long ago, or a land that doesn't exist and I'm lost in the book. I love fast cars and motorbikes. I even took my motorbike test. My dream day out would be a press pass access all areas to the MotoGP bike racing.

Offer me a day out at a spa, and I'd probably pass. Well actually, thinking about it, I probably wouldn't, but if I had some money to spend, I wouldn't opt for a spa day.

So when I see the Father's Day adverts for Rock music CD's and cool gadgets and gizmo's that you can fit in your pocket or plug into your USB, I want them all!!

Are women so stereotypical that they have to have Olay re-juvinating-pull-your-face-back-up-to-your-forehead-and-fill-in-those-craters- cream? If they made one that plugged into your USB I'd probably have some LOL.

I guess I'm just not a girly girl. I'm feminine (I think) I put my eye makeup on and do my hair each day.. and then put on some Rock Music.. LOUD.

It does make me wonder what other people think of me? What perseption do people have of me, particularly those of you who read my blog. We all make opinions and assumptions about the people who's blogs we read... so I'm curious as to how I'm perceived through what I write.