Sunday, October 19

Smack my husband?

Do you think I can smack my husband about a bit and get away with it? hmmm, I didn't think so. He's driving me potty today!!! Well not just today, the last few days in fact.

He keeps eating stuff I've bought in for me to eat while trying to lose weight, and he keeps eating it without saying anything. I go to get something and it's gone!

Today, he has eaten almost continuously all day. Gone from one thing to another. Crisps, chocolate penguins, sweets, cerial bars.. and then back to the start again! It's not that I WANT them, it's just that seeing them paraded in front of my nose every 5 minutes makes me think about them. And once they get ingrained in your brain you start to think about them. And before you know it, the chocolate penguins start shouting my name from the fridge... and the go on and on and on! Like I said, I don't want them. I'm not hungry, but I can hear the penguins shouting my name. I'm not answering them! LOL

On the kitty side of things, we've decided he is officially ours now. We went and bought him a bed today to show him that he's now home. Mark said, typically, the kitten will never go in the bed, but Hobbes proved him wrong. He walked right over to it, climbed in and lay down and slept. He got up, ate, used his litter tray (good kitty) and went back to his new bed and is still fast asleep in there. The only problem I have, is keeping Isabelle out of it. She seems to think that her and Hobbes can share his new bed. LOL

Here are a few pics of Hobbes in his new bed.