Thursday, December 17

The things I do when I get bored...

Isabelle won an some incense sticks and holder on a tombola recently. She was chuffed to bits but had no idea what it was LOL.. bless her. I really don't like the smell of incense sticks but I wanted to play with my camera.

So I set up my little home studio in the kitchen, with a desklamp and some card and I lit the stinking to high heaven and making my eyes water incense stick. Click, click, click with my camera and back to the computer to check out my smoke shots. There was only one that was reasonable but as I started to edit it, I could see the shape of a woman with her arms up behind her neck and her hair flowing out behind her. Now I'm not sure if this is just me and my warped mind... she's there though, I definately see her. Do you?


  1. I see her!
    It's funny how when I was younger I used to love incense and burn the stuff all the time. Now I'm older the stuff makes me heave and run when I smell it.

  2. it is a very sensual shot.

  3. t's a great shot and YES I can see her too! Good entry for Turner Prize next year and lots better than past 2 years of entries :)