Friday, December 18

A girly moment...

I am soooo not girly! I like my hair to look nice and I do make my eyes up, but that's about as much pampering as I do. I'm not one for long soaks in the bath with exotic lotions and postions. (that probably stems from having my first child 24 years ago, along with having said child, time then vanished into a vortex and a bath is a servicable function to get myself clean.. in, wash, out again). When I go to get my hair cut I wash it first and have a 'wet cut' and go home and blow dry it myself. I just can't be bothered with the full scale primping that goes along with the hairdo, which in all honesty usually ends up as a hair don't! Why do they insist on poufing it up so high it almost touches the ceiling? I really can't abide the 'nothing talk' from the hairdresser either. "are you going out tonight?" .. erm, no, I have a sad life and I never go anywhere, it's just that I'm beginning to look like dougal from the magic roundabout, hence the haircut. I'm not good at small talk with people I don't know.

So, we are going out for a meal on Saturday night to celebrate hubby's 40th birthday on Sunday. My fingernails (oh, my fingernails are one thing I really like about myself - how sad is that? LOL), which have grown nice and long, in fact so long that it drives hubby demented when I sit and 'clack' (type) at the computer. (our computer is in the living room). But to me, they look lovely. I planned to paint my nails with a really nice metallic red (festive?) nail varnish tonight, ready for going out on Saturday. So all tasks I did were performed with due care and attention so as not to break a fingernail. Rubber gloves were donned when cleaning etc.. and then I made my daughter's bed. SNAP! OMG... my baby fingernail snapped off half way down my baby finger... blood oozed.. well ok, dribbled a bit, but I had barely any fingernail left. waaaaaah! Now it's going to look stupid when I paint them. So I decided that I would go and get a false nail put on. This is something I've never done before. Well, it's a girly thing isn't it.. ? going to get your nails done. Why pay good money for a manicure when I can do a pretty good job myself? except.. I had no nail. So on Wednesday I booked myself in for a quick fix on the baby fingernail. I said, it's just for one baby fingernail.. unless I break another before Friday hahaha. Get in the car to go home and bugger! Caught another nail getting into the car.

Fast forward to today. Off to get my nail(s) fixed and out come the two falsies and the manicureist started filing and sticking and polishing. It was actually bliss. The table was strewn with files, polishes, nail gadgets and gizmo's. I even said (sounding like a real sad case) that this table was my idea of nail heaven LOL. She giggled at me, but I think it was in sympathy LOL. Then she asked me the million dollar question. "would you like me to french polish them for you?" Arghhh turmoil. Metallic red or French polish? eek... My decision was made for me by the contents of my purse.. a sad and lonely fiver. "I'll leave that till another time" I said, "but I will definately be back to get it done". Sadly, I shuffled out of the door with m two newly repaired nice long fingernails, sadly thinking how nice a french polish would have looked.

I think I may treat myself to the odd manicure now and again. It was lovely.

Metallic Red varnish will go on tonight before bed, but not so close to bedtime that I end up with pillow lines in the varnish because it hadn't quite dried LOL.

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  1. Oh, I love a manicure but my nails are crap so I seldom bother. You should try a parafin wax one - bliss!