Wednesday, December 16

One more thing to worry about...

As your kids get older you're supposed to worry less.... erm, wrong!

My 19 year old son passed his driving test a few weeks ago and bought his first car. My initial panic over him being out on the roads wore off quite quickly, but tonight he's driving to a gig to see a quite large and popular band... in Manchester! My little boy is going to be on the busy motorways heading to Manchester, and then drive through Manchester city centre, at night where there'll be loads of other people going to the gig, and of course, the same journey home. I'm used to him pottering around the streets locally, but this is Manchester! Even I won't drive around Manchester. (did I mention it's Manchester?)

arghhhhhh. I'll be a nervous wreck by the time he gets home tonight, although I tried to give an air of calm as he left and I told him to drive safe and keep away from the other idiots on the road LOL. he rolled his eyes and said "Yes Mum".


  1. Yes! It just keeps on from the day they are born, doesn't it?! X

  2. I will be a basket case when K starts driving...