Wednesday, December 23

Things on my mind....

in no particular order (at risk of sounding like I'm announcing the results for the x factor)

Why hasn't Mark's mum, stepdad, sister or bother phoned him yet to wish him happy birthday for last Sunday. It's bothering him.

Why on earth have I been waking up at 5.30am for the last 3 mornings and not been able to get back to sleep.

I hope Asda isn't too busy when I go for the last few things I need this morning.
Don't forget my shopping list this time!

Shall I make a chocolate yule log or not?

Don't forget to text my mum. I've not heard from her since she travelled down south to visit friends on Sunday.

Have I forgotten anything?

Do I do the ironing before Christmas or do I hide it away until after, with the pile growing higher as it's one of my least favourite things to do.

Don't forget Christmas Crackers.

Do I really need to clean the house from top to bottom because 'it's Christmas' and it's what I'm programmed to do because my mum always did it when I was little and we were all roped in to help.
    I'm sure there's more...

    1 comment:

    1. So not on!
      Are you crazy?!
      Forget the log, just have the chocolate.
      Text your mum now before you forget again.
      Hide it. Or alternatively fold, put away and forget about it.
      Christmas crackers.
      No. Parents have funny ideas about these things.
      There probably is.

      Good luck.