Thursday, July 10

Please co-operate!

We went to the Nursery this morning where Isabelle will go 5 mornings a week in September. She seemed to really enjoy it. I think we timed it just right. We went about 10.30 and I think everyone else had gone earlier, so it was quite quiet when we got there. At one point she had two nursery staff sat with her talking and playing.

They seemed very impressed with her knowledge and communication skills especially as she's not 3 till next week. I was pleased to find out that they assess all the new starters to find out what level they are at, what they know, how far they can count, what colours they know, what letters etc. and then they are enouraged according to their level.

We drove to Flint Castle after that. I really wanted to get a few decent photographs or her as she's coming up to her birthday. She was in a non co-operative mood for photographs! Grrrrr. So I didn't get many and what I did get weren't really in focus. oh well. Here's a couple of shots anyway.

She gets her exhibitionism from her father!!

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