Thursday, July 10

Picture of the Day

I'm so pleased. My bald eagle shot got Picture of the Day on The Photographer's Corner

I'm wondering if Isabelle isn't coming down with something. She's had me up and down all night for the last two nights, and it's not like her. Thinking about it, she's only like this when she's getting a cold or something. I hope she's not!

This morning is the drop in session for Nursery that she starts in September. It gives her chance to meet her teachers and generally see what goes on in Nursery. We can pop in at any time, so I think we'll head down there about 10.30.

My shoulders/neck/upper back are particularly sore this morning. No idea why. Pain killers here I come.

It might be something to do with the fact that I spent quite a bit of time at the computer last night. I've completely re-done my web page. The way it was before meant that it was such a pain to update, and I'd stopped updating it. It needed a lot of hand coding and I just got sick of doing it. I've downloaded some software (cheat that I am!) and have revamped it completely. I'm more or less happy with it, although I think I'd like a simple site entry page at the front rather than go straight into the gallery, but I can alter that at a later date. It's so easy to update now, which is great. I might be able to keep on track of it now and stop my mum from nagging to update it all the time!
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