Friday, June 20


I have posted this on my photography blog but it's just too cute not to post here too.

Oh to be a 2 year old again. She just loves splashing in puddles, as you can probably tell.

Click on the image to see the full size photograph.

Well it's steroid shot day today! I'm not looking forward to it in the slightest. So much for the Dr doing it on a Friday because 'someone will be around over the weekend'. Mark has to work the weekend AGAIN! He's already worked 12 days straight. It's driving me potty now to be honest. He goes to work, gets home around 7, eats his dinner then falls asleep on the sofa, usually between 8 and 9 pm. I'm spending so much time on my own. No adult company at all. There is a limit as to how much fun there is when you only have a 2 year old to talk to all day. It's a bit tough on me too because I have to do everything here at home by myself, including dealing with Isabelle. No good wallowing in self pity though I guess. Life goes on.

I've also got to take photographs of my son's girlfriend tonight in her prom gear. I'm really not comfortable taking these photographs. I'm hopeless at people photos :( I'm not looking forward to it at all to be honest, but I promised.

We have to go to the library later today to return Isabelle's books and DVD's. She really enjoys going but the problem is, she likes to play with the toys there rather than choose new books and DVD's LOL. I have to practically drag her out of there. She does love it though.


  1. You are great at people pictures!!

  2. You are great at people pictures!!