Friday, June 20

Ouch and shoot

Oh dear, things weren't going according to plan for my son's girlfriend bless her. The hairdresser took so long with her and her friend that they were running so behind time, it was a mad dash to be ready in time.

I was supposed to take some photographs at 4.30pm, head to the drs for my shot, then back to take a few more photographs of all the girls leaving in the HumV Limmo.

Russ phoned at 4.45pm to say the girls were still at the hairdressers. So I went straight to the drs. Russ, bless him, came with me. He said he'd watch Isabelle whilst I had the steroid shot. Of course, little madam wouldn't wait in the play area, so they both came in with me. I had to be brave. It hurt like mad! but I braved it. Isabelle was a bit shocked and had eyes on stalks when she saw blood on my shoulder. The dr had made me bleed! he told her I'd been very brave and she was ok again LOL

We headed off to take the photographs, my shoulder aching and throbbing! Eventually at 5.45 my son's girlfriend showed up. A mad dash and a major panic and she was in her dress. I managed to sneak upstairs and take a few shots of her but I think I only got three and that's because I stopped her on the way out. I had no time to get any decent shots and the only full length ones were outside with her gran's house behind her. I was so disappointed. I might try and talk her into getting laced into her dress again (a major performance!) and might try to get her to Flint Castle or somewhere like that with a decent backdrop.

This is one of my favourites from the very few I got, plus one of her and Russ together. She looked beautiful.

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  1. Just beautiful. Aren't they a lovely young couple??