Wednesday, June 29

How about some... awwwwwww?

A friend of mine has been on hatch-watch. The swans were sitting on eggs on a local pond. My friend phoned last night and told me that he'd seen the cygnets swimming on the pond. So off I trotted this morning, camera in hand, and here are the results, with an added bonus of some newly hatched ducklings.


  1. Diney6:13 PM

    You are right - Awwwww! Gorgeous subjects!

  2. Cherished By Me11:13 PM

    Very very just want to cuddle those balls of fluffiness don't you. :)

  3. Arshsud10:23 PM

    Seu blog está muito bonito. As fotos são muito bonitas.
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  4. Merle Cronshagen3:38 PM

    wow ,very good pictures!