Friday, July 23

There are two ways...

to make a packet pasta n' sauce. My way, and hubby's way.

My way..

measure milk as specified on the packet into a jug. Pour on top of pasta n' sauce in a microwaveable bowl. add knob of butter, put in microwave and cook as per instructions on the packet. eat...

Hubby's way...

Open packet, spill some on the floor. shout and ask where the microwaveable bowl lives. empty the rest of the packet into the bowl that was in the cupboard in front of his eyeballs. put empty packet in the bin.

Shout and ask where the measuring jug lives and where is the milk. Shout and ask about the jug again because he didn't listen to the original reply. Shout and ask how much milk he needs. Replies 'but the packet is in the bin'. Fishes the packet out of the bin and measures milk. slops milk on top of the dry stuff in microwaveable bowl and and slops some milk all over the work top. puts it in the microwave, takes it out as he'd forgotten the butter. Puts it back in and shouts how long do I cook it for. Takes packet back out of the bin and checks timings. Takes out of the microwave half way through to stir and looks in horror at the explosion in the microwave. Decides that 'cover the bowl' actually means cover the bowl and arm wrestles the cling film then brings it to me to take a piece off. covers bowl and puts back in exploded mess in the microwave for remaining time. Meanwhile, decides to have bread and butter with it, butters bread ok but leaves bread bag open so the rest of the loaf is now drying. Serves up remaining unexploded pasta n sauce all over the microwave, shuts microwave leaving exploded gloop to grow mould.  Eats. Completely ignores bombsite of a kitchen, leaving it for slave/maid wife to clean up.

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  1. Diney3:09 PM

    Very funny!! Moral. sadly, is don't let hubby near the kitchen - but maybe that was his intention. Darned sneaky, these guys!