Saturday, July 17

A nice day....

My first 4 birthdays were mine. They were special, I enjoyed them and I had fun. My fifth birthday was different. My baby brother was born the day before my fifth birthday. That's when it all changed. My birthday was no longer special. It seemed to vanish. I still had birthday parties, but as we lived in a small community our parties were a joint party in the local community centre and all the kids attended. Space for cards and presents was already taken up, but I lived with it. It was the norm. At least we didn't have Christmas birthdays when (like my hubby) birthday and christmas presents were rolled into one.

then I left home and my birthday was my own again until 5 years ago, when my beautiful baby girl was born hours before my birthday. Once again my birthday was the day after... shelves were filled with cards, presents were strewn about the house... and this is going to last many many years. The year Isabelle was born, I didn't even get  a birthday. I was kept in hospital overnight, not getting home until 3pm, my birthday vanished that year.

Isabelle had a lovely birthday yesterday. She turned 5. My baby is growing up fast! Her party was a big success and 18 children turned up to celebrate with her. She felt like a princess and loved every minute of it.

And my birthday today has been lovely too. It didn't disappear into insignificance. It may have had something to do with my rant earlier in the week about me not seeming to be important.. it might not have. I haven't had to wash a single dish today. I've only had to make 2 cups of coffee all day. Isabelle insisted I had a birthday cake and my son put candles on it and they all sang happy birthday to me. I've had to wear a number 1 mum badge all day, and I've loved it.

So here I sit, blogging on the sofa on my new netbook! I love it.

Today I feel happy, and I am important and I do matter to those around me.


  1. Julie9:51 PM

    So glad you had a lovely day - well deserved!

  2. themadhouse11:19 PM

    So glad it was a great day, I too am a Christmas baby so know hubbys pain.