Saturday, June 12

Leave my desk alone

Time out! I'm bored already.

I hate doing housework! Well, it's not the housework that bothers me so much, it's the tedious, monotonous picking up crap that everyone else leaves lying around that really gets my goat. (that poor goat!) I have come to accept over the 11 years hubby and I have been together, that he doesn't do housework. Arguments, fights, tears etc all ended with me having to accept that he goes to work, I don't, therefore I do the housework. Ok, it's a small price to pay for not having to go out to work, I can handle that. What I can't handle is the fact that he can be so darn right lazy. He leaves everything where he puts it. He will put his coffee mug on the floor where he's been sitting and then walk into the kitchen! Why not take the flippin' mug with you?? Socks down the sofa cushions, t-shirts, jackets, towels, trainers/boots/misc footwear just abandoned (can be as many as 4 pairs at any given time laying around). Magazines (he's a motorbike magazine aholic! Is there a magazines anonymous?) you name it, it's left lying around. 

Isabelle is following in his footsteps, despite me nagging reminding her that empty packets/apple cores/banana skins etc, all go in the bin. Her toys are left laying where she puts them and tidy up time means shove it all under the table or any other hiding place if I'm not watching carefully. 

But what really REALLY does pig me off, is that everyone seems to use my computer desk as a dumping ground. It's the only space I have in the house that is mine. Ok, it's in the living room tucked away under the stairwell, but that still doesnt make it a dustbin.

Right now on my desk that doesn't belong to me is a crunch corner yogurt lid (why?) scissors, hair bobbles, a plastic tea cup, misc leaflets that have come through the door, a plastic duck a wooden snake, post office recipts from hubby posting his ebay stuff. Several re-chargable batteries (dead) that should have been put into the charger. Playing cards, a peg, a wooden foot from some now footless toy, pebbbles, various usb cables and headphones, piglet has the sniffles sotry book, bubble wrap, a dead cordless mouse and cradle.. it goes on, and none of these belong to me!

So I started to clean it. I emptied the bin under my desk which was overflowing with all kinds of junk that they seem to use (if they actually use a bin) instead of walking to the kitchen, swept the floor and started on my desk. Hubby asks.. is it spring? [bugger off with your sarcasm!] So I calmly said, no I'm just sick of all the crap being dumped on my desk.. he then said (rather randomly) do you need anything fetching? I looked at him. He said, i'm going for a spin on my bike. Aha... [man mentality] woman is pissed off with untidy house and is throwing a cleaning fit.. man must escape and pretent to hunt wooly mammoth. aka.. bugger off on motorbike in the sun and hope she's done or the mad fit has passed when he gets home.

[sigh] back to it.. TTFN 


  1. themadhouse11:44 PM

    Oh I am so with you...... I had a hissy fit this afternoon and started throwing all the things that were on the floor at MadDad and the boys and threatened to put them all in a bin bag. I acted like a two year old!

  2. I think you're entitled to act like a two year old when they act like two years olds leaving everything lying around! I find it very disrespectful that hubby can't even put his trainers/jacket/coffee mug etc away when he's finished using it! Grrrrr. I've just piled everything onto his computer desk so he can see how much crap he's left lying around. His reply.. it's not much.. it wouldn't have hurt you to put it away! I'm sure you can imagine where I told him to go.

  3. Julie9:32 PM

    I was saying the exact same thing to Phil today; it's not the housework so much it's the picking up of stuff that pisses me off!