Friday, June 25

Dear so and so...

Time for another Dear so and so... a few things I need to get off my chest...

Dear little boy driving a fast car

I realise you must be at least 17 to be allowed to drive that car (legally anyway) but it's a bloody good job I had room to drive up that pavement very fast (and thankfully safely) because there was no way in hell you were going to stop in time. I came around the corner at 10mph because I know it's a blind corner and there are often kids playing out on this bit of road, but you driving at 40mph does not allow you to stop in time. Your stupid wave and smile needed knocking off your stupid little face. It wasn't funny that I'd had to drive onto the path very quickly to avoid you, especially as my 4 year old was in the car at the time. The driver behind had to choose between colliding head on with you, or possibly rear ending my car if he followed me up the pavement. Please drive down these little side streets with a little less speed and a bit more care and attention.

Yours, Hoping you don't have a horrible accident

Dear Isabelle.

I realise you have a lot going on in life at the moment and you don't really like routine change, but you will be 5 next month and you have to learn to be a little bit more adaptable. School is often all over the place at this time of year, what with sports day practice, preparing to move up to your new class in September etc. 

You also have to accept that you cannot snack constantly at home. There is absolutely no need for temper tantrums and moaning, whining and crying every time you can't get your own way or can't manage to do something. It has to stop or I may be forced to take drastic action. You have always been such a good girl, but this constant whining and crying is driving me insane.

Yours, preparing the naughty step
Mummy xxxx

Dear Hubby, 

Yes, you get another mention this week you lucky boy. So the physiotherapist has decided to refer you to the orthopedic surgeon about your knee as it's not responding to any physio treatment. Hmmm, did someone mention almost 8 weeks ago that you really should get your knee invesigated properly after it collapsed again after your initial injury? Possible/probably meniscus tear? Highly likely you will need sugery to repair the torn cartilage? 16 weeks re-hab after surgery? I think I will move out for those 16 weeks. It has been bad enough living with you moaning and grumbling about it constantly for the past 8 weeks, I don't think I can cope with you having surgery and then your knee locked in place and you on crutches for 6 weeks. It was bad enough when you had a cast on your broken ankle for a month.

Yours, preparing to pack

Dear Life,

Can you just get off my case for a little while please? The boring humdrum monotony is driving me insane. Plod, plod, plod through life with such negativity at the moment. I need a break please. 
Yours, looking for respite


  1. Julie7:11 PM

    Sending you lots of love, annie! we MUST get together soon I miss you xx

  2. Susan3:37 AM

    Been there done that 4 surgeries on both knees...they can't repair torn mensicus, they complete the tear and remove that piece...eventually leading to a partial or full knee replacement. i had the lt one done 2 years ago, as it was the worst of the 2, but...I have to lose 75 lbs. before he will do the rt one, which is now so bad I am walking with a cane, 90% of the time.
    Best of luck to you all.