Monday, April 19

Things that must be...

I suppose this is a bit of a Monday Moan. 

My hubby says I have OCD. I don't think I do, I just like certain things to be a certain way. Although after I re-read this, I may think myself a bit batty, slightly mad or indeed suffering with OCD.

There are certain things that have to be a certain way in my house otherwise I have to go and correct it. Things like:

1. The curtains. My curtains are tied back each morning, but they have to be symmetrical. If they're not, I'll adjust them until they are.
2. Cerial boxes. You know the plastic bag that holds the cerial, it has to be opened all the way across. Don't half open it, because I always pick the box up, open it and the closed end of the packet is where I need to pour from, every time! So, it has to be open all the way. And if anyone tears the box when they open it so that I can't tuck the little flap back in, it makes me grrrrr.
3. A similar thing with tissue boxes. You know that little oval perforated bit you tear out to get the tissues out, let me open the box, because if anyone else opens it and tears the box when taking out the oval perforated bit, that also makes me grrrrr.
4. Pictures on the wall. If you knock it skew wiff, please straighten it again, it saves me time adjusting it again later.
5. Don't move my ornaments (of which there aren't very many) on the mantle piece, you know I have to have them symmetrical and balanced.. the same height at each end etc. And don't go and move them just to piss me off.
6. The loo roll. It has to be 'over' the roll to tear it off not under. Don't ask me why, it's just one of those things. And I really do have to restrain the compulsion to alter a loo roll at anyone elses house if it's hanging behind the roll.
7. Towels. This is a sad one... They have to be folded exactly in half before being put over the side of the bath. I often find myself re-folding a towel to make it right whilst I'm sat on the loo LOL

These are not overwhelming compulsions that I go mental over if they're not the way I want them, but they do annoy me until they're right. I don't march around issuing orders to everyone to make sure they're done. These are little things that I find myself correcting because it's annoying me.

And while I'm at it, a few things that I do tend to rant about a bit, because these really do get my goat (poor goat).

1. Please don't put your finished dinner plate with food left on it into the bowl of water I've run and got glasses and mugs soaking in before I wash them.
2. Please don't shove stuff in the bin when it's full and leave it hanging out the top of the bin, or spilling on to the floor, empty the bloody thing! (I think I've groaned about this one before, probably several times).
3. Please don't leave the bread bag open when taking a slice out. It makes the rest of it dry. And also, please don't open a fresh loaf when there's a third of a loaf left in the other bag because you think it's softer.
4. Don't moan at me and tell me to 'clear this bloody car out woman' when it's full of your rubbish. Just because it's my car doesn't mean I have to clear up after you. Please remove your own banana skins, empty coke cans, crisp packets etc, because they are what is making my car look like a rubbish tip.
5. One that is really annoying me at the moment!! When you've finished eating your grapes, please put the little empty grape tree's in the bin. I'm getting very tired of picking the little branches out from between the cushions of the sofa and from around the floor where you kicked it when you walked. (dear hubby!!)

OK, I'm done for now. I feel better for that.

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  1. Catherine9:37 PM

    Hehehee. I don't think you have OCD you just like things how you like 'em, I'm sure it makes you a better photographer. And if my partner ever said "clean your car out woman" to me or put his half-eaten dinner in the washing up he'd get an real earful.