Monday, March 1

Photo Club Comp time again

A busy day ahead for me. This afternoon (as we live in Wales and it's St David's Day - quite a big thing here in Wales) I have been asked to take my camera and photograph Isabelle's school Eisteddfod (school play). Tonight is camera club and it's competition hand in night, so I will spend the morning swearing loudly and messing up and starting again cutting mountboards and framing my three prints for the competition, not forgetting to email my three digital entries.

The subject this month is mono portraits. So I thought I'd share my selections here, especially as the first three are very dear to my heart.

You can click on all the images to view them full size (they do look better)

This first one is my eldest daughter, Eve. She'll be 25 this year and I just can't believe how fast the years have gone.

This one is my youngest daughter, Isabelle. I think this photograph is a matter of taste, because she is normally such a smiley, laughing little girl, and this doesn't really show her true essence (apparently), but it does show her huge eyes and the more serious, thoughtful side to her. So, we'll see how it does in the competition.

And this one is my hubby. He doesn't actually look as weatherworn as this photograph shows, I've edited it a bit to make him look a bit more 'lived in' although he's getting there LOL. Excuse the grey line down the side, I had to add a bit to get it printed off so that when I frame it I don't loose any of his face.

And now the digital entries.

I can't for the life of me remember this girl's name. She modelled for us one evening for a practical portrait session at the camera club.

This is one of the camera club members. I just thought he had such an interesting face. Again, I've done a bit of editing work on him.

And I have to choose a third entry for the digital section, but I just can't make my mind up. I'm tempted to go with this one of Eve, but I'm really not sure, her eyes look a bit odd.. maybe a bit too white? I dunno.. arghhhh.

Portrait photography is one area in which I struggle a bit. It doesn't come as easy to me as photographing fast moving motorbikes in a race. It might sound a bit daft, especially as people generally sit quite still for a photograph to be taken, whereas motorbikes are usually moving at anywhere from 90 to 180mph when I'm photographing them. Ah well. I must decide on the third digital entry and then get mounting and framing my prints.


  1. What beautiful girls you have. Stunning

  2. I really like the third one of your daughter ... the eyes look quite white but thats what I like, It draws the attention to them and they are stunning!


  3. Annie what a great photographer you are girl!!! And your girls are just gorgeous. Hope it all went well for you! x

    Great comment on mine re sex education, by the way! Love the idea of watering the seed and giving it plenty of sunshine - bless her!

  4. Thanks Ladies. :)

    Hayley, I did go with the third shot of Eve and entered it in the comp. I'll let you know how it does.

    Diney, thank you. your praise is more than welcome anytime LOL.. and yes, I think watering baby seeds and giving them sunshine is a great idea. Perhaps we should put them in greenhouses LOL