Friday, March 12

Gut Instinct

Heather at Notes From Lapland inspired me to write this post today. Heather asks, do you believe in ghosts? To be honest, no I don't think so, but is there some sort of guardian looking out for me? hmmmm, I started to ponder.

I have always had what I call, a very good gut instinct. I have no control over it, I never think about it to call it into force, it just happens. It can happen with people (generally it's people) but it has also happend with certain situations. For example, Mark bought a motorbike a few years ago and he wheeled it into the garden, very proud of his new shiny thing. My gut feeling kicked in and I knew it was going to be a bad thing. He spent loads of money (and I mean LOADS) getting it fixed up and running right, but this bad feeling always niggled me every time he got the bike out. I shrugged it off as I usually do. I never worry about him coming off a bike or getting into an accident (unless he's really late home), but this feeling just wouldn't go away. One afternoon he went for a spin on this bike, but he came through the door 15 minutes later, which isn't like him, he's never less than an hour. He hopped in the door and said he'd had an accident. The bike high-sided him, flipped him off into the air and down the road. I took him to hospital and he'd broken his ankle. The bike was a write off and my bad feeling went. 

But generally, this gut instinct kicks in about people. I've met a lot of people over the years and have had this gut feeling a few times. I try to ignore it and tell myself I'm just being stupid, accept the person for who they are. But every time I've had this feeling, later down the line something has happened involving the person I had the bad gut instinct about. It hasn't happened with anyone close to me, thankfully, but Mark started a new job and got on with one of the guys really well. This guy came to our house to see Mark's bikes and my gut instinct kicked in. This guy became Mark's best friend, but every time I saw him, my instinct made me feel uneasy. I still don't know why, and it even happens if I speak to this guy on the phone. It's really odd. Nothing has happened, apart from he's now moved away and Mark doesn't see him, although they're still in touch via email. I just wish I knew why I have this bad feeling about him.

I have tried to tell Mark that I get this gut instinct, although I never said anything about it happening with his mate, and he thinks I'm a weirdo. I have told my mum though and she has a similar thing although not as strong as mine. I remember mum telling me one time that she went to see a medium with her sister. My mum is a non believer in that kind of thing, but she went to support my Aunt. The medium said to my mum, I don't know why you're here. You have such a presence and aura that if you let them in, the spirits would talk to you and help and guide you, don't block them out. My mum laughed about it, but it does make me wonder a bit. 

Hmmm, now I'm spooking myself LOL. Does anyone else get this gut instinct for bad situations? or am I just a freak of nature? LOL


  1. themadhouse10:58 AM

    Aha - Intuition. I too have great intuition and we all laugh about it and call it my white whitch thing! My mum too. I knew something had happened to my Dad before we got the call. MadDad listens to it too, as it is real.

    I so think a lot of it is to do with being observant. I often know when people are pregnant, but I guess I just pick up on the signs, which are there for all to see if they look hard enough

  2. notesfromlapland12:52 PM

    oh yes, i believe in intuition very much. i believe that i have a connection with my children, i know if they need me - i mean really need if they are really frightened or in danger not just whining or want juice - and i have had a similar experience with my mother when I was a child, suddenly connecting with her mind and knowing that she needed me. I do sometimes get it about people and i try not to have anything to do with the people that I get bad feelings about, like you they make me uneasy.

  3. notesfromlapland12:54 PM

    Have you ever read Terry Pratchet's discworld books? He has some witch characters in them and their main witching skills are things like observation. They are very entertaining and funny books perhaps because so much of it rings true.

  4. I have learned to ignore my instincts; they are crap!!!

  5. I believe in spirits and instinct.