Friday, March 19

Food for thought?

I wasn't sure what to blog about today, because I thought that as soon as I start typing, it would end up in a boohoo, woe is me pity party, so I wasn't going to blog. Nothing is really wrong, just me (and that bloody annoying part of the month) so everything feels 10 times worse than it is.. feeling taken for granted, a doormat... etc etc... so I decided to do something constructive to take my mind off me. 

So I took some photographs of some particularly scrummy looking cakes that I know I don't like, so I won't eat them. I had a bit of a battle last night with my other half as I caught him in the kitchen opening the box (I thought I'd hidden them!!). I took them off him, told him off and his bottom lip dropped and quivered giving an expression my 4 year old would do, puppy dog eyes included! But he didn't get any cake, he can have them tonight if he's a good boy LOL.

I hope you like my photograph and if you want to lick the screen, please click on the photo to view it large and lick away.. calorie free LOL


  1. Julie8:08 AM

    Calorie free cakes..the best!!

  2. annaeviegeorge1:11 PM

    wow. your photography is amazing. I might need you for a little project soon..... The cogs are turning..... x

  3. shame real ones aren't calorie free eh?

  4. Thank you. project? eek LOL. Let me know when the cogs have made a connection :)