Thursday, February 18

The busiest picture in the world.. ever

I have a VERY creative daughter. Not surprising really as I'm quite creative myself and will try anything. 

My 4 year old's obsession with paper and cellotape is getting beyond a joke. Two reams of paper and 2 or 3 rolls of cellotape a month is going a bit far. But who am I to quash her creativity? She comes out of school with a whole weeks shopping worth of boxes cellotaped together in her latest creation and the teacher shaking her head at me, mouthing, sorry. The problem is, where the hell do I keep all her creations? She never forgets what she's made and will ask weeks later, 'where is the so and so I made?' eek.

As it's half term, she has gone into drawing overload. She's been making 'book's for everyone. This is three sheets of A4, folded in half then cellotaped together and then she's made a little pocket on the front to keep the crayons in. Bless her.. a work of art for each of us. it kept her occupied for ages.

As did this following drawing. I had to share it.. it is soooo busy. As you can see (I hope) it's at the park. Now.. she is starting to read and we had to discuss silent letters, as in 'k' at the beginning of know. I've told her it's a quiet letter and so you don't say it. So her word 'park' has a quiet 'y' at the end of it. Methinks we need to discuss quiet letters some more lol.

So in the picture, she is on the slide. Her brother Russ and sister Eve are on the see-saw. The mass of people in the middle are me and my friends on the roundabout (god only knows why, I never liked the roundabout LOL). Daddy is on the swing and the rest of the people are her school friends. The big blobs half way up the left hand side are roller skates ready for when she and her friends want to go home. And the spider is actually the sun LOL. All that said, I think it's a pretty complicated picture for a 4 year old.

She is very proud of this picture.


  1. Wow, she is very creative and her writing is fab. I think it is great when children let their imagination take control

  2. oh my, that is busy. what a wonderful creative mind she has

  3. Daddy on the swing looks as if he is doing clever acrobatic tricks!!! So sweet!

  4. LOL Diney.. Daddy is a bit of a nutter, so acrobatics on a swing wouldn't surprise me.

    Thanks ladies, yes she is very creative and a somewhat warped imagination LOL. I wonder who she gets that from.. hehe