Friday, January 29

Chalk Street Art

I've only ever drawn on a small scale and even then, it's never been brilliant. But .. what absolutely astounds me is street and pavement art. Scenes are drawn in chalk on pavements, and when viewed from the correct angle, show a 3D masterpiece.

There are two street/pavement artists who I think are amazing. I've only just found out about this guy, Edgar Mueller. The images below are © Edgar Mueller and his website is

Here are a couple of his shots.

 The first time I came across street/pavement art was when I saw some scenes done by an English artist, Julian Beever. The following images are ©Julian Beever and his website is HERE 

I hope you enjoy them :D


  1. these are amazing, aren't they? oh to be so talented...

  2. These pictures are amazing!

    i'm going to need en email address for you for this parcel friend club thingy i was talking about on my blog. Can you send it to me at hsunderland1279 at gmail dot com

  3. I feel like my eyes were playing tricks on

  4. kelloggsville8:53 PM

    brilliant! I love these