Tuesday, December 29

There are two ways...

to make a pasta n' sauce. A normal person's way and my other half's way.

Normal person.

Read packet
tip contents into a bowl, add required ingredients
cover with cling film with a couple of air vents
put in microwave for required time

My other half

ask me how to make pasta n sauce
hunt in the cupboard, declare there aren't any.
accepts packet passed to him by me from the previously mentioned cupboard
measure milk in a jug
tip packet contents into bowl
add milk
pour whole thing into a non metallic bowl after prompting from me with reminder about metal in microwave ovens
puts dinner plate on top of bowl due to extreme aversion to cling film (apparently it tries to kill him)
take bowl out of microwave after hearing loud bangs and asks how to cook it without it exploding all over the microwave.
Gets cling film out of the cupboard after me saying thats what he needs to use.
swear words coming from kitchen followed by thud, splash and oh bugger.
the cling film did try to kill him (so he says) and not succeeding it then (on purpose to piss him off) knocked the bowl of half cooked pasta n sauce onto the floor.
I finished off cooking the remainder of the pasta n sauce and banished him from the kitchen whilst mopping the floor and de-pasta n saucing the microwave.

Easy and convenient eh? not in our house!!


  1. oh god, I hate cling film too. It is lethal stuff. I'm with Mark on this one....!

  2. The truth is there's a man's way and a woman's way. Yours sounds exactly like our house.