Tuesday, December 1

By Crikey....!!

Good grief it's a cold one this morning! Yikes.. shiver city.

On the up-side, when it's a clear night and flippin' freezing I often get a good sunrise over my garden fence as our back garden faces north east. I could see through the bathroom window this morning that the sky was particularly orange, so I went down stairs, grabbed my camera and hotfoot it out into the garden still in my nighty and dressing gown.. god it was cold, but I think I ended up with a reasonable sunrise shot :D


  1. That's beautiful, well worth freezing off your nethers in your nightie. You are right it was flipping cold this morning, I almost broke out the old thermal vest!

  2. Gorgeous! It was blinking cold up here in Northumberland - had to chip the ice off the windscreen for the first time this year! x

  3. That's a gorgeous shot!! I also like the very original header!!!

    Just found your blog and will be back!

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    Holli in Ghana