Wednesday, November 18

Pet Hate...

I have just been involved in my own pet hate.

People who keep changing the look of their blogs, gets my goat, and here I am guilty as charged.

I recently changed the look of my blog and I was apprehensive about it because it was flowery. Not REALLY flowery, but it was still flowery non-the-less. I am so NOT  flowery person, although I love flowers, I love to photograph flowers, I'm just not flowery myself. So the flowery blog look had to go. I know this one is a bit flowery, but it's not FLOWERY. Well, not as flowery as the last one way... or is it? eek.. I don't know.

There are so many blog templates out there now but they're all so similar. I have a penchant for the dark themes, but personally I don't feel that they're very easy to read. I find myself being sucked into the computer screen when it's a basically black theme.

So, here we go with this one. Hopefully I won't become obsessed with the look of it and have to change it again, afterall, it's the blog content, not the look which matters.. if only I could convince myself of that fact.


  1. Find one that's close to something you like, then make changes. If you look at the code and find the bits for the images, just make sure you create alternate images the same size and replace them.

  2. it's really not that hard to figure out and change it yourself if you have some free time, there's a lot of good info on making tweeks to your template on the net or alternatively pay a modest sum to have someone design one that ios specificaly you.

    This one is...okay. to be honest it feels a bit...meh. But don't go changing it just cause i said so, it is the content that matters. I quite like the dark ones personally - even though mine is bright white.

  3. Thanks for your comments. As you can see.. I'm still playing. I just can't decide on what to have.

    Heather, meh was my thought exactly when I came back to look today. Meh sums it up LOL

    I hope I don't drive everyone batty with my changes... and indecision LOL

  4. I see you've been redecorating again already. I hope you managed to make sense of my email reply

  5. I see you've been redecorating again already. I hope you managed to make sense of my email reply