Thursday, November 19

OK, I'm done


I have wasted a whole day messing around with the look of this blog. Grrrrrr. I started to make changes, deleted some code, couldn't remember which bit it was, replaced a bit of code somewhere else and lost content and... well.. it just goes on.

I uploaded a different theme and it was almost there, but not quite, so I've finally opted for this one. I am happy with this one, it's simple, serene, it doesn't shout at you, it's not garish, it's not too dark and well, I think it basically sits there as a holding place for text.

Kim, thank you for your advice. It did work, and I would never have thought of that, but in the end I opted to stick with the simplicity of this one, after uploading headers and images etc.

ah well... c'est la vie.

On to cooking dinner (I'm being nagged by a 4 yr old to get off the computer because she wants to play Nick Jr website) and then I'm off to photograph my 19 yr old son in his first gig of the re-formed band, as two of the original members have now gone to Uni.

No peace for the wicked eh?


  1. It's a good looking blog. I'd have stuck with a decent template if I'd found one that matched my requirements exactly. Unfortunately I'm a fussy bugger so I had to keep tweeking :)

  2. I like it. Nice and easy reading. Enjoy the band

  3. I'm a fussy bugger too but was just driving myself potty and thought I'd spent far too much time on it already LOL. I did add the lens coffee mug and cookies to personalise it a bit, but I don't think I'll make many more noticeable changes.. although small things may appear LOL Yours looks great now though, I'm impressed :D

  4. Love the new look; much easier to read!