Monday, November 2

Oh my sweet baby...

Ok, so she's not technically a baby anymore, but she's still my baby.

Isabelle does make me laugh so hard sometimes, and it's usually at times when I really need to contain it so I don't make her feel bad.

The conversations goes....

Isabelle: Name a vegetable beginning with B
Me: erm, broccoli?
Isabelle: No
Me: Beans?
Isabelle: No
Me: erm... Brussel Sprouts?
Isabelle: No
Me: erm... oh.. erm, I really don't know, you'll have to tell me.
Isabelle: B-tato
Me: [trying to stifle my laughter] well, that's really good but it's not b-tato, it starts with a P, it's P-otato
Isabelle: Oh, I didn't know that [giggles]

and then...

Each morning on TV there is a quick TV clip really and it's Alphabet Animals. Isabelle likes this as it shows a letter and then animals that begin with that letter, such as T and it will show tigers, and a tiger type of song in the background. This morning the letter was W. She said to me, hmmm, it's W but something isn't right. There were wallabies on the TV but she thought they were Kangaroo's. I said, oh, it's W because they are wallabies. Oh she said, not Wangaroo's then? I'm still laughing out loud now.. bless her.

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  1. Isabelle is a tonic; she should be available on the NHS as a cure for depression! honestly, annie, she's incredible!!