Thursday, September 17

Music from heaven....

Well it's not actually from heaven, it's from sky.

We had our sky TV installed this morning. Russ already had a sky package and got an offer through to have a sky HD box if we took up multi-room sky. As Russ already pays for the package, all it will cost us is £10 per month plus the £30 installation fee.

So the engineer came this morning, took 3/4's of an hour to install it and off he went. A quick flick for me, straight to the music channels.

Ahhhh I'd forgotten how good music is.

Music has always been a very important part of my life. As a teenager I had to sacrifice my love of rock music a bit because all my friends were New Romantics. I did tend to sway towards the darker new romantic stuff such as the Bahaus and Sisters of Mercy, but of course, when you're 14 you have to fit in with your peers. Once I realised I could actually make my own mind up about what I listened to, it's generally been rock, and quite heavy rock at that.

So I was scanning through the music channels and came across a heavy rock channel.. oh yes! joh of all joys! Rock music to my ears and loads of it. Not only that, I can record it and watch/listen to it as and when I please. It's heaven. It wasn't until I was listening to it all that I realised just how much I've missed it!

Bring it on!! and Rock onnnnnn!!!
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