Wednesday, August 5


It just all seems overly complicated at the moment when it really needent be.

Mark seems to be over-reacting at small things I say and seems to explode about it. It's so frustrating, it's so much easier to say nothing, but then I boil and fester about things that are bothering me. The worst of it is, it's trivial things. He's selling a motorbike on ebay that he's stripped down because he'll get more for it as bits than he would if he sold it whole. Ok, no problem. The problem that occured last night was when he packaged something up and said, "post that tomorrow will you?". eh? 'scuse me? I'd already posted a package for him that day and hadn't had the postal fee returned to me, I'd paid it myself. (humph 1!) He then followed that up with, there will be another one to go because he needs it for Friday but he's not paid yet, so that will have to go on Thursday by special delivery.

My litte voice piped up... hang on a minute, how did I manage to get roped into all this running back and to the post office? He exploded... I won't type the expletives but I'll shorten the tirade which basically meant.. he goes to work and doesn't have time to post them. My reply to this was... well that's all well and good... you decided to sell this stuff knowing full well you'd have to post it, but oh no.. no consultation, it's automatically assumed that I will do all the running about, pay the postage AND petrol, have to make the time to go even if I'm not going out of the house that day, just because YOU say so because you are at work! Enter more expletives that the shortened message is .. I'll do it myself then .. followed by emotional blackmail and a resulting guilt trip. How come I end up feeling the bad person in all this? If I'd have been asked before hand, it might have been different, but the fact that I'm taken for granted and it is assumed that I will just jump and do his beckoning really got my goat! What am I to gain from all this? Nothing. I end up out of time, out of pocket and also out of petrol.

can you tell I'm annoyed???


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  1. Tell him the Post Office opens on Saturdays!!