Friday, July 3



I've just found out that I've won 3rd place in the Amateur Photographer Magazine monthly competition!
The subject was Man-Made Landscape so I entered my Powerstation Sunset photograph.

This is the judges comment about the shot and why it came 3rd.
Quote: If you described the contents of this industrial picture to a friend it would sound like the standard 'industry v nature' type shot, but when you experience it first hand (or first eye) you can see that it is far from 'usual'. The colour of the sky has a massive impact in the scene, but it does not 'make' the picture by itself. Annie has really worked the contents of the subject to create something that is only complemented by the sky. By keeping the camera dead straight she has produced a formal atmosphere, and the stillness of the water reflects perfectly the structures on the land. This is obviously a gift of a scene, but it is Annie's treatment of it that has made a great picture.

I am soooo pleased :D