Wednesday, May 20

Bit of a downer

Hmmm. (that was a thoughfull hmmm).

I seem to be on a bit of a downer. No external reason, it's all within me. The diet is going absolutely pants at the moment. I've been trying so hard and the weight just hasn't been shifting. I'll make a post on my slimming blog about it rather than waffle on here.

As I've mentioned before, I have really really got into motorsport photography. I absolutely love it! I've been posting my motorsport photographs on a forum (shh, not The Corner, but don't tell everyone) and they've been getting some good feedback. One of the problems with posting them on The Corner is that they're not very well received sadly. There are some stunning photographers on The Corner, but motorsport photographs are difficult to comment on I suppose, unless you're into it yourself. Technically it's very challenging, especially with sports like the superbikes where they are travelling at speeds of up to 200 mph. Motorsport shots aren't really aesthetically pleasing and one pretty much looks like another. I understand that, and that's why I found a motorsport forum. Why do I feel so guilty about posting to it? I haven't pledged my soul to The Corner and made a vow stating that I will never post to another forum, but geeze guilt is a strange thing.

Now I feel guilty at home too. I mentioned to Mark that the British Touring Cars are at Oulton Park the weekend after next and I'd like to go. His reply was... "I used to like watching motorsport racing until you became obsessed with it! I'm sick of seeing Oulton Park, we live there at the moment!" My reply was... "you don't HAVE to come". He said that he didn't like the alternative.. of watching Isabelle all day on his own. Oh gee, thanks very much! He's always been on about me finding something that interests me, to take my mind away from the hum-drum life and daily chores of being a housewife and mother, then when I do, it doesn't suit him. The thing with motorsport photography is that it doesn't even cost much. I have found a hobby that I LOVE and it costs very little... but because it means he either comes with me or has Isabelle at home while I go, it's not to his liking. Grrrrr! I can't win.

Anyway.... on a lighter note... At long last I have spotted 'Norman' our pond frog. I've not seen him for ages and ages, but yesterday, there he was, sitting on a little platform in the middle of our pond.

But better than that, Mrs frog was also there and a baby frog. yay!!

Baby frog however, wasn't too happy at being photographed and got himself into the most awkward (for me) position in the pond ever! I did manage to get a couple of shots of him in the end, one better than the other. But they are cute frogs (if you can call frogs cute).


  1. Different photos for different outlets - makes perfect sense and mothing to feel guilty about. We all love positive feedback - but it's more appreciated when it comes from people in the know. And I think hubby needs to understand his choice means he's not allowed to moan about both options :)

  2. Norman is very as is Mrs and Junior.
    Tell M he's spending some quality time with I and GO!!!! You deserve it...

  3. keep on going with the diet, i am ashamed to say i left it in a little corner of my mind, weeks ago, and i havent been back to pick it up since so mine has stopped altogether. as for your hubby well you cant win with men.
    you wouldn't think sometimes that men have had kids, as its suck a bind to look after them for a few hours, i mean how the hell do they think we feel, i love my kids but they drive me to distraction and i would love for him to look after them and me go out on my own, anywhere really but he can't cope or i get phone calls allthe time saying where is this or how long am i going to be?
    when i bring it up with him, he just says, well your a mum you love looking after them, and its not my job!, what an arse. just keep going, and if he doesnt like it tough on him just becasue your a mum doesnt mean your life stops until they leave home, its just a shame its got to be a battle for a few hours of enjoyment. go on my blog and pick up a blog award to cheer you up- sorry cant send voddie over the bet

  4. Hi there. Just stumbled across your blog and had to leave a comment. I think your photos are brilliant!